About Us

Aspley Leagues Football Club formerly known as North’s Aspley Junior Rugby League Football Club was formed in late 1967 as a satellite club of the Northern Suburbs Football Club.

The club originally had no facilities of their own when the side was first entered into the Brisbane Junior Rugby League Competition in the 1968 season, until the club had secured grounds at Bowden Park, Geebung for training, and as a field to use for home games. The club in their first season won the under 13A premiership. The following season saw the club slowly grow and go on to win the Presidents Cup, Minor Premiership and the Premiership.

After two successful seasons in the Brisbane Junior Rugby League Competition the club had continued to grow, and during the 1969 season the club secured a 25-year lease on grounds located at Kirby Road, Aspley. Committee members and supporters then set about the task of creating a football field out of the swamp and bushland that covered their new grounds. For the clubs first season at Kirby Road all that existed for supporters and players was a small trailer lent to the club by Golden Circle to use as a canteen. Despite the lack of facilities the club had continued to grow until there was enough support and cash flow to enable the committee to give the go-ahead for the construction of the clubs first clubhouse, which was to consist of a small room for general use with dressing rooms attached. Construction finished early in the year 1971.

With the continued growth of the club, the clubhouse was renovated several times to accommodate for the increase in numbers of supporters and players. Aspley Leagues Club Limited was registered for trading in 1978.

Aspley Leagues Club today exists as a major sporting, entertainment and recreation centre for the North Brisbane community, but the major reason for the clubs existence today still falls back to the same reason as to why the club was first founded 37 years ago, to promote and support the development of rugby league within the local community. Aspley Leagues Club now boasts to be the largest junior rugby league side within the Junior Brisbane Rugby League Competition, with over 30 teams and more than 600 registered players. Aspley Leagues Club provides and continues to maintain first-grade facilities for all players and supporters within the club.